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Governor's Office of Small Minority and Women Business Affairs (GOSBA)  
MBE Program Subgoal Guidelines  
MBE Program Subgoal Worksheet  
MBE Administrative Procedures Guide  
IAC/PSCP Form # Document Title Downloadable Document
Attachment A - Certified Minority Business Enterprise Utilization and Fair Solicitation Affidavit (Revised 10/1/17)  
Attachment B-1 - MBE Participation Schedule Original  
Attachment B-2 - MBE Participation Schedule Revised  
Attachment C - Outreach Efforts Compliance Statement  
Attachment D - Minority Business Enterprises Subcontractor Project Participation Statement  
Attachment E - Minority Subcontractor Unavailability Certificate  
Attachment F - MBE Waiver Documentation  
306.4 Page 3 Attachment G - Certified Minority Business Enterprise Participation Standard Monthly Contractor’s Requisition for Payment  
MBE Goal Setting Model Analysis  
GOMA Form Document Title GOMA Website Link
Subgoal Guidance Implementation Guidelines  
Subgoal Guidance Worksheet Form  
Subgoal Guidance Memo