1. By July 1 of each year the LEA will submit or amend its educational facilities master plan.
  2. Prior to September 15 of each year the IAC will inform each LEA of estimated capital funds available for the next fiscal year.

Project Planning Approval

  1. LEA submission to PSCP by October 15 as part of its consolidated annual CIP. (Revisions may be submitted until December 7.)
  2. Approval of local government by December 7.
  3. Review, approval, and recommendation by IAC to BPW in January.
  4. Project approved by BPW as part of an annual CIP in January. Establish a tentative maximum State construction budget.

Acquisition of School Sites

  1. Submitted by LEA for acquisition approval.
  2. Review and approval by IAC and State Superintendent of Schools.
  3. Acquisition by LEA.

Educational Specifications

  1. Educational specifications compiled and written by LEA.
  2. PSCP review and comment on educational specifications.

Achitect/Engineering Consultants for Design

  1. Selected by LEA.
  2. Agreement drawn up between LEA and architect, with recognition of BPW approved scope, capacity, and the tentative maximum State construction budget.
  3. Funded by LEA.
  4. Record copy of agreement submitted to PSCP.

Schematic Drawings

  1. Submitted by LEA prior to September 1.
  2. Reviewed and approved by IAC.

Design Development

  1. Pre-design development meeting (optional).
  2. Documents submitted by LEA including life cycle and energy conservation studies prior to November 1.
  3. Documents reviewed with written comments.
  4. Department of General Services written approval of energy design standards.

Funding for Construction of a Previously Approved Project

  1. Submission to IAC by LEA as part of its annual capital improvement program.
  2. Approval of local government by December 7.
  3. IAC review for approval and recommendation to BPW in December.
  4. Maximum state construction allocation established and adjusted to projected bid date and included in CIP.
  5. Project approved by BPW as part of annual CIP in January.
  6. Allocations for construction generally available June 1.

Construction Documents

  1. Submitted by LEA.
  2. Actual bid documents (100% completed) reviewed by PSCP with written comments.
  3. Authorization to bid if within allocation.
  4. LEA acceptance of local construction costs in excess of maximum state construction allocation.

Bidding and Contract Award

  1. Project bid by LEA.
  2. Bids tabulated and submitted to PSCP for approval.
  3. Certification of local funding for ineligible construction costs and excess costs over allocation.
  4. Contract awarded by LEA after IAC approval.
  5. Contract executed by LEA with record copy submitted to PSCP.


  1. School constructed under sole direction of LEA.
  2. Related construction costs by LEA.
  3. Inspection of construction by local inspectors as appropriate.
  4. Change Orders
    1. All change orders approved by LEA to be submitted for information to PSCP.
    2. Change orders for state funding will be reviewed for eligibility, availability of funds, and reasonable pricing.
    3. The cost of change orders or a portion thereof in excess of the contingency established at time of contract award approval by IAC shall be funded by LEA.
  5. Update facility inventory upon substantial completion.