Form Title Form Description Downloadable Document
102.1-102.6 CIP Submission  
102.7 Annual Self-Certification of State-funded Air-Conditioning Units  
202.1 Schematic Design Submission  
104.1 Site Analysis Report  
104.2 Environmental Assessment Form  
101.4 Facility Inventory Update Assurance Form  
302.1 Design Development Document Submission  
302.2 Life Cycle Cost Analysis Summary  
302.3 Design Development Document Analysis  
302.4 Cost Estimate Summary and Worksheet  
303.1 Construction Documents Submission  
303.2 Construction Document Analysis  
303.3 Approval of Construction Contract Award  
303.4 Owner/Contractor Agreement  
305.1 Change Orders  
306.4 Requisition for Payment  
306.6 Close-Out Cost Summary  
306.1 LEA Request for Payment to Contractor  
306.2 Request for Reimbursement to LEA  
501.1 Change in Status of a School Facility