Name Title Phone Email
Robert A. Gorrell Executive Director 410-767-0610
Alex Donahue Deputy Director of Field Operations 410-767-0102
Kim Spivey Deputy Director of Administration 410-767-0742
Cassandra Viscarra Program Support Administrator 410-767-0611
Jay Schulte Executive Associate 410-767-0610
VACANT Public Affairs/ Public Relations Chief 410-767-6149
VACANT Director of Fiscal Services --
VACANT Administrator of Programs & Finance 410-767-0614
Robert Goetz Finance Administrator 410-767-0613
Arabia Davis Funding Program Manager 410-767-2153
VACANT Program Process Administrator 410-767-4656
Shauntia Gray Funding Program Assistant 410-767-0735
VACANT IAC School Facilities Assistant 410-767-0617
Jamie Bridges Baltimore City Program Manager 410-767-2277
Oakley Savage Records Manager 410-767-0616
VACANT Chief of Information Technology 410-767-0618
VACANT IT Technical Support Specialist 410-767-0618
David Freese Facilities Maintenance Group Manager 410-767-0700
VACANT Lead Facility Assessor 410-767-0741
Brooke Finneran Administrative Officer (Maintenance) 410-767-0726
Michael Bitz Facility Assessor 410-767-2347
Jennifer Bailey Facility Assessor 410-767-0619
Nathan Ledl Facility Assessor 410-767-0612
Conference Room Room 215 410-767-5582